Excuse me, What did you say? The latest options in treating hearing loss.


Join Andrew Fishman, MD, Otolaryngologist/ Neurotologist, Kevin Hulett, MD, Otolaryngologist and Lauren O’Flaherty, AuD, CCC-A, Doctor of Audiology, to learn more about the latest treatment options for hearing loss. 

There are many causes of hearing loss, but the results are the same. The most obvious problem is communication difficulties, but relationships and independence are also affected. People with hearing loss have difficulty communicating in noisy situations, in large groups and at a distance, and may have trouble hearing voices over the television, radio and telephone. Learn about the most common causes of hearing loss and the latest medical and surgical solutions. Find out about the technological advances in hearing loss treatments, including bone anchored hearing aids (Baha®) and cochlear implants.

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