Intraoperative CT scanning for Skull Base Surgery


Dr. Andrew J. Fishman M.D., Dr. David Conley M.D., Dr. Bernard R. Bendok M.D., Dr. H. Hunt Batjer M.D. and their colleagues at Northwestern reported the first series of cases performed with the use of intraoperative CT scanning for image guidance in the cranial base.  This technology was developed initially for spine surgery but Dr. Fishman and his colleagues adapted the protocols so that highly accurate imaging of cranial structures can be tracked in order to provide safe and efficient surgery in this area.  This was presented to a panel of peers at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery in San Diego, California.  Pictured above are Drs. Fishman and Bendok removing a meningioma that is very close to the optic nerve while using this technology.

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