Mastoidectomy Surgical Technique

Mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure used for a variety of pathologies.  It is also the primary access method to insert a cochlear implant.  Some of the indications for mastoidectomy include chronic ear infections, cholestaetoma and the removal of tumors  It is the foundation of lateral cranial base and otological surgery.  The video below has been reproduced from my training archive used to teach surgeons how to properly and safely perform the procedure.  Other sections of this website discuss some of the pathologies for which it is used as well as the reconstruction of the tympanic membrane and middle ear hearing bones.  Please find these additional resources in the Specific Clinical Interests link.

Below is a procedure performed for chronic ear infections and hearing loss that has resulted in a total perforation of the tympnaic membrane and destruction of the continuity of the middle ear bones.  A well performed mastoidectomy, as in this case may include a posterior tympanotomy to offer additional angles and working space to the middle ear in order to optimally remove diseased tissue.

Below is a video demonstrating an emergency mastoidectomy performed on a 4 month old.  It was done for an acute mastoiditis with mastoid bone erosion and abscess formation.  The video demonstrates some of the important principles of pediatric ear surgery.  It was recorded as a live surgery with student observers and a live sound track.

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